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2014-06-01 04:04 am

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 Dear my account,

It's been a long time since the last time I visited you. I still stick with LJ, as you can see - so I've been neglected you. 

I've just re-readed this whole journal - not so many posts, so I finished it in one go. I went through depressing post about the past, and I surprised at my past self. I'm such a depressed person, right? 

Nothing has changed since then - Another depressing line for you, haha. I'm just kidding - or I'm not kidding, I really don't know for sure. I'll leave it for your imagination.

Sometimes I'm so bored I just want to drift away like a cloud. Or a paper bag struggles in the wind. I'm sad, and I dissappoint in myself, too.
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2013-01-20 06:03 am

Hello, 2013

 Dear my account,

I'm glad you're still here with me. I have no friend here, which means no one read these words, but somehow I feel like writting, so I still keep you, hope you don't mind :)

It's been 4 months since my last post here. 
I graduate from uni, and still work as a part-time copyrighter for a Boardgame company. I'll find new job after the new year's break (about 10 days) is over. By new year, I mean Lunar New Year, which starts on 10 February. 

First thing is find a part-time job during the holiday. I'll make more cash thanks to this.
People from Chocolate D'Art, please call me!
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2012-09-29 06:26 am

Finally, a new post

 It has been about 5 months I haven't posted anything here. I've became busy and busier, as I'm on my way to graduation from uni. Well, it's a lame excuse, you can say that. However, everything has changed since the day I posted my previous entry here. Lots of thing. They made me feel depressed.

Today marks the mid-month, due to Lunar Calendar. I'm looking forward to the moon tonight. It must be very round and bright at this time of the month. And tomorrow will come Mid Autumn Festival.

I'm not feeling very well these days, since the affect of Philipines's storm make my place rain too much lately.

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2012-05-18 04:32 am

The melancholy of a poor fangirl

 Money is tight this month, since I've bought too much sale-off manga and used up my save. I feel like crying now >_<, but I don't regret buying stuff I want (Especially, way-too-cheap-stuff) for once in a while. I have Fullmetal Alchemist vol 1 => 11 (Status: On-going), Naruto, Bleach, Law of Ueki...and some shoujo manga titles (Love&War, Oresama Teacher, Zig Zag,...) >> So far I've fulfilled my dream :)

I have to pay for some mail orders in June and July, so I'd rather start to save up from now. 
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2012-05-04 09:05 am

4th post

My sister vomited blood, she had to hospitalize for a while. 
My BFF's father had his leg cut off since he had diabetic, also being hospitalized at least a month from now on.
Another BFF's grandfather caught a cold and had to be hospitalized for a week (He's very old, you know).

So keyword for this May will be "hospitalize".

Man, I got enough already. 
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2012-04-23 01:14 am

3rd post.

 Money is so tight this month. And the price of fuel in my country, once again, is rising, two times in two months - Sounds not so good. Since I'm using a bicycle to go everywhere I want, I don't have to pay for fuel fee, but you know, when the fuel fee is rising it means that's time for others good's price to rise too. Haiz. I long to the end of the month - The day I'll have my salary ~ 

I want the 5th book of the series "The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel", written by Michael Scott. I just bought the 4th two weeks ago. One of my friends said that he would buy it as a present for my birthday, birthday is too far away! To buy or not to buy now, it's the problem xD. 

Recently I've turned to hate my job, hate whatever I'm doing. I felt useless and I lost my temper real fast. I was so disappointed in myself. But in the worse time I always have had you guys, my rl friends, and my adorable Lap-chan, so I told myself to not give up and to keep moving forward. It's a good thing that you're a positive person. Now the rain has come, I 'd rather let it sweep away all my sorrow and worries. 

Tomorrow is a new day. A new start.
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2012-03-16 02:28 am

2nd post.

Hello my 2nd post! I totally forgot about you, my back-up journal :D. Recently I'm crazy about book, and BL video. I didn't watch so many videos before, but it'll change from now! 
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2012-01-09 02:56 pm
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First post!

Hello! This's my very first entry here, on DW :D (The initial of Dreamwidth is DW, somehow it reminds me of pairing DoumekixWatanuki from the fandom XXXHolic so I can't stop myself from grinning). Most of my friends decided to move to DW, so I booked this acc to prepare for the worst >_<. Somehow DW is way too similar to LJ so I don't find it hard to use, that's a good point. But It's hard for me to leave LJ, LJ was my first love anyway.

See you around, my brand new DW account!